Locations & Routes

Locations & Routes for rollerblading:

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Chinese Garden

☁ Nice Clouds - Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden consists of 2 gardens, the Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden, covering a large area.

Visit the pagodas scattered around Chinese Garden. A spiral staircase leads to the top for a decent view of the place.

There are many small streams with bridges, many plants ⚘ and animals. You can see many river birds, as well as terrapins. Plenty of scenery to admire.


Downtown Core

A building...

The Downtown Core has wide and smoother pavements, as well as a nice view of the Singapore River.

You can skate here from East Coast Park, through the Marina Barrage.


East Coast Park

Skating Area at ECP

There are so many things to do at East Coast Park.

You can skate or cycle, (maybe) play at the playground or the sand. There are many food and beverages around there to recharge yourself.


Jurong Central Park

Jurong Central Park

The Jurong Central Park has nice winding paths, with a small playground, games and a fitness corner.

Jurong Industrial Area

Factory at Jurong Park Connector

The Industrial Area is usually deserted.
The long Park Connectors allow for a long, smooth skate



Pandan River PCN
PCN along PIE

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